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Student LIFE Groups

To know Jesus and make Him known

Don't Do Life Alone - Join A Group!
Some things are just better with other people, so do not go it alone!

Three Great Reasons To Join A Group:
-You need to grow in your faith.
-You will make new friends and get connected.
-You need the support of others and others need your support.

At The Fellowship, we have TWO types of groups where you can get plugged in.


It is our hope that being active in a Student LIFE Group will help you grow in your faith, help you connect in a deeper way with peers and be a place where you can find support. The goal of a Student LIFE Group, as with every other ministry opportunity at The Fellowship, is to encourage you to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in a  deeper way. Student LIFE Groups meet in homes and focus on friendship, scripture and prayer.

Our Student LIFE Groups are organized by school, geographic location and grade. The times and physical locations of these groups can be found during the registration process.

Junior High (6th-8th grades) - North, East and West LIFE Groups*
High School (9th-12th grades)- North, East and West LIFE Groups*

*Note - Groups are launched only if adequate host home/leaders are available.


LIFE University Groups offer Bible studies and classes that will encourage, equip, inform and inspire at every level of spiritual life.

A LIFE U class is the place to ...
-Find out more about Christ adn the Bible.
-Find support to help you love the Lord with heart, soul and mind so that you can share the love of Christ with others.
-Find ways to help you answer the hard qu3estions in life that our culture is asking.

One particular LIFE U class is called College 101 for all students entering their senior year of high school. Our hope is to prepare the high school senior for life after high school. We understand that a high school student's senior year can be stressful for both the student and their parent(s).  College 101 is designed to make the student more prepared spiritually, mentally and emotionally for life after graduation as well as reduce the stress level of life after high school.


Fall 2017 Student LIFE Groups

September 20 - November 15, 2017
Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Locations are determined by geographic location/school: East, West, North
All students should bring a Bible and a pen/pencil.

Note:  October 4 and November 1: LIFE Groups will meet at The Fellowship for UNITE.

Register for Fall 2017 Student LIFE Groups

Contact Carly Kirk for more information.