Merimnao Support Groups

Ministries for the Broken-Hearted

Merimnao: fears; troubles; burdens; cares; worries; broken-heartedness (Greek).

Merimnao is a group of ministries to help and guide the broken-hearted, those people who are struggling with loss, dealing with the effects or consequences of sin or just generally struggling with life. Merimnao Groups support and guide you through those tough times in an intimate, confidential setting. 


Adelphe - A general women’s issues group.
Affinity - A support group for men who struggle with relationships, intimacy and the inability to connect with others.
Barrayo - A support group for men who were sexually abused in childhood.
Comitatus - A general men's issues group.
Enarchomai - A divorce support group. 
Grief Support Group - An adult group for those who have lost a person through death, including miscarriage.
Nephaleos - A support group for any adult struggling with chemical dependency in their lives.
Nikao - A support group for women who were sexually abused.
New Hope - A support group for those diagnosed with breast cancer and their caregivers. 
Parakaleo - A support group for women who have been affected by sexual purity issues of the men in their lives.
Parent Advocates - A support ministry for parents dealing with behaviorally challenged high school children.
Poimenes - A support group for men in positions of spiritual authority.
Sozo - A support group for women who have been affected by abortion.

Need help? Called by the Holy Spirit to minister to those in need?  

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While you meet with your Group, The Fellowship will provide excellent childcare at a reasonable price: $5/evening or $55/semester. Reservations required.

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