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Project Restoration - Disaster Relief

Saturdays:  9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location:  Katy Community

The Fellowship's commitment is to join God in His work of facilitating the restoration of every home in Katy in the name of Jesus. We will continue to walk with families through the entire process of restoring their home and their lives.

Volunteers: Sheetrock Phase

We are looking for individuals to be a part of our sheetrock teams and work in home that were mucked out after the Harvey flooding.   

Since you will be volunteering in a task that will expose you to a variety of dangers, we limit volunteers to 16 years of age and older. All participants must complete a Release Form and a Medical Release Form when they arrive for their shift.  

Registration is required to be a part of the sheetrock team.

You will receive an email containing the work address for that shift. Bring a lunch; cold water will be provided.  Please arrive 20 minutes before your shift. 

Rest assured, you will will be working under an experienced person that has installed sheetrock before.  Please follow their instructions so that you stay safe and the home gets sheetrock installed properly for your safety 

Register for a Saturday Sheetrock Team


Needed Donated Materials for Relief Efforts:

-4'x8' x 1/2" sheetrock, lots of 20 sheets, standard and mold resistant
-Soquete sheetrock mud OR joint compound 18lb-25lb, 45 or 90 minute variety
-R13 or R19 batt insulation for 16 inch center studs
-pre-hung interior doors 24", 30", 32" and 36"
-standard sized refrigerators
-standard sized stoves
-standard sized dishwashers
-range tops- gas and electric

Katy Area Assistance  Donate to Relief Efforts


Contact Glenn Lerich or Disaster Relief for more information.