Volunteer Spotlight

Heroes of The Fellowship

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are numerous for you...creating a meaningful, positive impact on your family, your church, and your community.

The Fellowship would not exist without the unsung heroes from within our church family - Volunteers! These individuals selflessly give of themselves and share their time and talents to make The Fellowship a better place.

In our Volunteer Spotlight for MAY the following individuals are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to various ministries at The Fellowship.


*Rich and Trisha Gussert: Fellowship Ministries

Rich and Trisha have spent years volunteering at The Fellowship. They currently serve at our "Guest Service Desk" on Sunday mornings and welcome everyone with their warm smiles. Their passion for serving others humbly is an example of what Jesus has called us to do. Thank you, Rich and Trisha; we truly appreciate your service.

*Tracy and Jennifer Day - Community Impact

Tracy and Jennifer Day have given of themselves and blessed others for many years. Jennifer was the first director of Friends of Sundown when it launched in 2014. She has continued to volunteer with Friends of Sundown as a school volunteer. Most recently, she is serving as an event coordinator for Katy Cares. Tracy has served Habitat for Humanity and Compassion Katy by leading volunteer teams in a variety of repair projects. He now serves Friends of Sundown as their Home Repair Coordinator. Most recently, Tracy is restarting The Fellowship's James Ministry, which provides home repairs for church members in need. Your generous hearts for others is much appreciated, Tracy and Jennifer. 

*Mark Ferow - Worship Arts Ministry

For the past ten years, Mark has poured his heart and soul in the Worship Arts Ministry at The Fellowship. From running audio, designing our audio and being an incredible drummer, Mark always rises to the occasion to serve where he sees the need. Thankful for a friend and partner to be in ministry with like Mark Ferow. 



Previous Volunteers in the Spotlight:

*April 2017: Ricky Richard, Samuel and Rose James, Jorge Sesin 
*March 2017: Kayla Mika, Doug and Laura Kelly, Jared Stark
*February 2017:  Brian and Karen Harrigal, Colton Monroe, Richard Gehring
*January 2017:  Cliff and Kathy Crabtree, Kim Kelsoe, Hayward Sparks
*December 2016: Carla Holycross, Kacy Larvin, Mike Shepherd, Dexter Coffey, Rick Thigpen
*November 2016:  Romer and Mauri Austria, Emeka Anadu, Jennifer Ober
*October 2016: Steve Elliott, Margaret Lea, Georg Viola
*September 2016:  Jessica Carolla, Jennifer Williams, Garry Hodges, Tami Flores
*August 2016: Nancy Newbrough, John Long, Michelle Nicholson,  Kristi Murray
*July 2016: Koorosh Vafaderi, Mike Hubbell, Tracy Shepherd, Stewart Loftis
*June 2016: Kim Blanchard, Shawn Walker, Emem Washington 
*May 2016: Carol Hulyk, Shannon Townsend, Shirley Blanchard, Carolina Martinez