Volunteer Spotlight

Heroes of The Fellowship

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are numerous for you...creating a meaningful, positive impact on your family, your church, and your community.

The Fellowship would not exist without the unsung heroes from within our church family - Volunteers! These individuals selflessly give of themselves and share their time and talents to make The Fellowship a better place.

In our Volunteer Spotlight for NOVEMBER the following individuals are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to various ministries at The Fellowship.


Wayne Stark:  
Wayne comes to The Fellowship with a long background in law enforcement. He has served coffee (before Kosmos Coffee even opened) and as a greeter in Guest Ministries. Most recently, he has served as our Muck Out Coordinator during Project Restoration. He has put in countless hours, organizing volunteers, equipment and scheduling work at homes. He continues to serve on the restoration of homes as we help families install sheet rock in their homes. 

Carly Kirk: 
Carly already served in the The Fellowship Student Ministry as Groups Director when she was shoulder tapped to serve as coordinating Care Coordinators with Project Restoration. She has led 30 people who have been the front line in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

Joel Davidson: 
Joel is an Army veteran who served years as an Army Ranger. He has brought his organizational skills and enthusiasm to serving as the Warehouse Coordinator for Project Restoration. He has juggled the receipt and distribution logistics of hundreds of items along with building a team and caring for people in their time of need. 

Garry Hodge: 
Garry has served in Guest Ministries for years and was recently shoulder tapped to back up Wayne Stark as Muck Out Team Coordinator when Wayne was not available. He has spent countless hours delivering equipment to homes, checking progress of work sites and keeping equipment organized in the Community Room during the muck out phase of Project Restoration. 



Previous Volunteers in the Spotlight:

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*September 2017: 2600+ volunteers of Hurricane Harvey
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*July 2017: Robert Anderson, Greg Patton, Doug and Sonja Murrell
*June 2017: Thomas Larvin, Brian Hummel, Carl Sellars
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*April 2017: Ricky Richard, Samuel and Rose James, Jorge Sesin 
*March 2017: Kayla Mika, Doug and Laura Kelly, Jared Stark
*February 2017:  Brian and Karen Harrigal, Colton Monroe, Richard Gehring
*January 2017:  Cliff and Kathy Crabtree, Kim Kelsoe, Hayward Sparks
*December 2016: Carla Holycross, Kacy Larvin, Mike Shepherd, Dexter Coffey, Rick Thigpen
*November 2016:  Romer and Mauri Austria, Emeka Anadu, Jennifer Ober