Volunteer Spotlight

Heroes of The Fellowship

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are numerous for you...creating a meaningful, positive impact on your family, your church, and your community.

The Fellowship would not exist without the unsung heroes from within our church family - Volunteers! These individuals selflessly give of themselves and share their time and talents to make The Fellowship a better place.

In our Volunteer Spotlight for JANUARY the following individuals are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to various ministries at The Fellowship.


Scott Robinson - Fellowship Students 
Over the past several years, Scott has been faithfully serving our student ministry in numerous ways.  Each Sunday, he shows up early in the morning at the YMCA to help set up for our services helping to ensure that we have a great environment for our students to worship. He also faithfully serves as a small group leader for our JH guys, bringing a consistent and godly role model for young men to learn from.  Scott's faithfulness to this ministry, our students and our Lord is something that we can all aspire to demonstrate. We are thrilled to have such a God honoring man on our team. 

Marcelo Perez - Fellowship Kids: I45

Marcelo has faithfully served the I45 ministry for the last several years. On Sunday mornings, his love for the 4th-5th grade children is evident as he warmly greets and interacts with the students.  He leads the children in lively biblical interactive games, encourages them to grow spiritually and eager to assist wherever needed. We love having Marcelo on our team and making a positive impact on our ministry.


Shirley Coffey:  Fellowship Ministries
Shirley is a behind the scenes person who loves to help in meaningful ways at The Fellowship. One way she serves is by coming to the church office every week to stuff and fold programs ... hundreds of them! You many even talk to Shirley on the phone if you call on a day when she is on duty answering the phone during our staff meetings. We are so blessed by Shirley and the many ways she serves wholeheartedly at The Fellowship. Thank you, Shirley! 


Previous Volunteers in the Spotlight:

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*September 2017: 2600+ volunteers of Hurricane Harvey
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