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Worship Arts

Share your God-given talents

Worship at The Fellowship entails a great deal more than the pastor’s words. It’s about using a variety of creative arts to increase the praise of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

People with musical or technical gifts will find ample opportunities to develop their talents as a member of our Fellowship Praise Team.

Technical Arts Team

Behind every service is a special team of people dedicated to bringing God’s message to The Fellowship in new and exciting ways. The tech team coordinates live sound reinforcement, lighting, staging and multi-media presentations.

Some of these technicians need no prior experience – just a heart to serve God. Training sessions are provided. Those who are interested need a heart to serve God in this exciting and ever-changing ministry.

Vocal Teams

Vocalists take our words of praise to higher level. Congregation members interested in being a part of a vocal team are invited to audition for a team. Members who have attended the Discover The Fellowship are eligible to audition.


Musicians create the soundtrack for our services. Skilled musicians with the ability to read chord charts and improvisational arrangements are encouraged to set up an audition and interview.

Volunteer Registration

Contact John Cordes for more information.