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Pastoral Care

Biblically-based licensed counseling for familes and individuals

Pastors at The Fellowship are here to help.

Confidential pastoral counseling can be a powerful resource to help guide you and your family during times of questions, struggles or crisis.  We seek to offer biblically based and Christ-centered guidance addressing many common issues in life. 

Basic pastoral counseling is provided by all of our pastors. This is provided on an as-needed basis, usually limited to 2-3 meetings to help you discover God's leading in your life and circumstances. Typically, an individual would contact the pastor's assistant to arrange counseling at no charge. 

Beyond this point, pastors can recommend a qualified and vetted Christian counselor or therapist who can commit necessary time and expertise to help you in your journey. 

For those needing more than short-term help and who want to stay within the church, The Fellowship has two staff members who are professionally trained as counselors and social workers for your in times of need.

Ken Gross - Recovery Pastor

Ken provides what is traditionally known as pastoral counseling. Individuals or couples seeking help for any reason can contact him. When there are normal or routine problems, he may provide pastoral counseling sessions himself. If he believes that the problems are clinically pathological, he will refer a case out to local psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.

Fee: $50 per one hour session, payable to The Fellowship

Contact Ken at The Fellowship (281.395.3950) or on his cell (281.989.4545)

Email Ken


Vanessa Cordes - Pastoral Care Provider

Vanessa is a therapeutic pastoral care provider who focuses on struggling children and/or parents of struggling children. She is supervised by Ken Gross, Recovery Pastor.

Fee: $25 per one hour session, payable to The Fellowship

Contact Vanessa at The Fellowship (281.395.3950)

Email Vanessa